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  1. Pest Control and Management: We can eliminate or control any pest found in, on or associated with buildings. Integrated Pest Management strategies are used whenever possible.
  2. Pest Prevention: Many pest problems can be prevented with pest exclusion techniques, habitat modification, pest monitoring and inspections, and the timely application of pest control materials.
  3. Inspections: Pest presence and the level of infestation can be determined with an inspection. This service is valued by persons buying or selling a home and for commercial businesses. Inspections and reports are provided for Wood-Destroying Pests and other pests.
  4. Consultations: We identify pests and their damage, and provide information on their habits and controls. We will determine if pest control is necessary.
  5. Lectures, Presentations, Courses: Presentations can be given to specialty groups, at shows, in schools, to realtors, and any interested group.
  6. Writing: Informative literature can be written for you. We have written, contributed to and edited numerous information sheets, manuals and books.

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