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Rodent control produces results by killing rodents. We prefer to use snap traps to control rodents for three reasons:

  •     Proper use of traps will eliminate rat infestations;
  • Rodenticides, a poisonous material, need not be used; and
  • Trapped rodents can be removed to prevent odor problems which can result from using rodenticides.

Rodenticides eliminate rats but contrary to the mistaken belief, poisoned rats do not go outside to drink water and perish while outside!!! Poisoned rats will perish wherever they stop moving, which may be their nest site, in the walls, in hollow floors or anywhere.

Also, poisoned rats and mice do not dry up and mummify because of effects of the rodenticide. All dead animals will decay. Some will decay with little noticeable odour while others will produce strong, offensive smells. The larger the animal, such as a rat, the more likely there will be a strong odour from decay.

Odour Control

Sometimes dead rodents create an odour problem. Fortunately this does not happen often but if an odour is noticed then there are only a few choices:

When using snap traps, check the traps and remove any carcasses found. Once the source of the odour is removed, the odour will disappear.

When using rodenticides: check the area where the odour is strongest. If luck prevails the carcass will be located and can be removed.

If the odour is inside a wall or other inaccessible location it may be necessary to provide access by opening the wall. Sometimes odours will travel from one spot to another so opening the wall may not lead to finding the carcass.

If the carcass cannot be located or accessed then the area must be ventilated or deodorants may have to be used to mask the odour.

The area with the odour must be ventilated thoroughly. You may need to open doors and windows, and use a fan to move the air. Providing cross ventilation to get all the air moving is best. Ventilation is very effective since you remove the air which has the odour.

The affected area can also be treated with air deodorizers, such as a solid wick type, to mask the odour. The results of this treatment vary but are generally not very satisfactory.

If the carcass cannot be found and removed, expect the odour to remain for one or two weeks.

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