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Rodents in your home

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Now that it’s becoming colder outside it’s common for rodents to try to get inside your home.

Recently we went out to a large waterfront home that had a heavy deer mouse infestation. We set 15 traps left them for 3 days. When we came back to check them we had caught a total of 13 mice! The homeowners wanted the issue resolved ASAP since last week they had decided to cook a nice family dinner and when they took the pot roast out of the oven they found a roasted little mouse in the pan beside the roast. Needless to say they went and got takeout for dinner!

It’s important to have your issue looked at by a professional before things get out of hand. Mice and rats can have a litter within 3 week and can have anywhere from 4-8 litters per year, which means lots of rodents getting cozy in your home. No one wants to share their home with rodents. Give us a call and we will help prevent rodents from coming in to your home or deal with your existing issue.


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