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Rats & Mice in Victoria

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Rats & Mice are very very smart and with the winter coming up they are looking for places to nest. Rats and Mice often look for houses that have a few key characteristics that are attractive to them.

Of course any opening or small gap you see it somewhere that a rodent could get into your home. Ensure that you have these sealed up properly to avoid unwanted entry. Any branches or foliage that is near your home can be a way for rodents and insects to get access to your home. Make sure to trim them back to keep the pests away! The #1 access point for rodents to get into your home is the roof. There are often areas that rodents can easily get into or can chew through without you noticing. If there are any trees overhanging your roof we highly recommend you get them trimmed to remove the easy access for rodents.

As always, we recommend that you call a professional. We know what to look for and we highly recommend getting this kind of work done in the fall before winter hits and they start actively looking for a new home.  Keep the rodents out with help from Professional Ecological Services!


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