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Bee Careful with Wasp Nests!

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Wasp nests are often found in hard to reach areas like trees, branches and sometimes in cavities of a wall, roof or in the ground. These hidden nests are difficult to treat and can be very dangerous!

One of our technicians went to treat a wasp nest at a residential home, but we were unable to treat the nest from the outside. When he arrived in the afternoon it was very hot outside, which is typically when wasps are most active. The technician needed to enter the old home's attic to do the treatment, which was extremely hot from the afternoon heat. When he arrived, the customer asked him to postpone the job and not go into the attic. They told him an electrician had just been up there and passed out due to the heat. He was ultimately fine once he had time to cool down, but the fire department had to remove him from the attic. This had happened just before our technician arrived, so we ended up returning the next morning, when it was still cool outside and were able to treat the nest.

People often try to treat wasp nests themselves, but it can be very dangerous. There are many different kinds of wasps with different temperaments. We always recommend calling a professional when dealing with wasps so you don’t get hurt.


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