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Ants in Victoria

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Ants in Victoria BC

When Are Ants Active in Victoria

We know in Ants in Victoria are a common occurrence in the summer months. Heat can typically awaken colonies and make them active from their dormant season. Victoria usually offers an early spring so Carpenter ants become active April through September of each year.

Is there only one colony of ants in my house?

Often people will think that a carpenter ant infestation can be pointed to one area of their home when there are 1 to 3 satellite colonies in other areas of the home. Its important you have this issue looked after by a professional as these ants can do damage to the structure of your home and as house prices in Victoria increase you want to make sure your home value stays high.

How can I identify Carpenter Ants Damage?

Identifying the signs of Carpenter Ants is the first step in preventing further damamge to your home. Carpenter ants may first be noticed as they wander through your house in the early spring. Later in the summer you may see them moving to and from your house as they gather food. Other signs of a Carpenter Ant infestation are piles of sawdust, insulation or other materials they dump out of their nest or you might hear the rustling sounds they make inside walls, ceilings or floors. We have noticed that the Carpenter Ants are craftier than ever in Victoria, using telephone chords, vines and other plants at a highway from the ground to your home. Keeping an eye out all around your home is crucial.

What Can I do to prevent ants?

Correct the moisture problem: Ants find moist areas desirable to build nests, The ants will lay their eggs in damp wood so it is essential that any areas of concern are dealt with in a timely manner.

Remove Dead and rotting Wood: Ants frequently start their nests outdoors. Satellite colonies then move indoors from outdoor nests. Landscape ties, stumps, logs and other wood with a high risk should be removed ASAP.

Tame and remove Vegetation: Ants use Trees, vines and shrubs growing against the building and overhanging as a pathway into your home. Removing this debris will remove many of the ways that carpenter ants will find their way into your home.

Report Sightings to your Pest Control Professional: Carpenter ants are not always active during our inspections; it helps us tremendously if you let us know when you have a carpenter ant sighting and report their behaviour.









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