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Springtails are very small, grayish-coloured, wingless insects about 1 to 2 mm long. They have special "tails" attached under their bodies, called a furculum, which they can "spring" causing them to jump.

Springtails are common outdoors but are usually only found indoors in damp parts of buildings or in the soil of potted plants. They are commonly found in basements, especially in the bathroom and kitchen where high moisture levels can be caused from the use of water. Occasionally they enter buildings in large numbers from outdoor breeding sites.


Controlling springtails starts with assessing why they are being found inside buildings. It is usually necessary to remove decaying materials and sources of moisture inside the building and immediately around it. Sealing entry points may be required. Insecticidal sprays are very seldom necessary.

If you are having problems with springtails, phone us. We would be happy to help you solve the problem.

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