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Silverfish and Firebrats

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Silverfish and Firebrats

Silverfish and firebrats are carrot-shaped, slender insects about 13 mm (1/2 inch) long when fully grown. They have 2 long antennae (feelers) on their heads and 3 long "tail" bristles.

Silverfish are silvery in colour. They prefer cool, humid areas and can be found in basements and many other locations in any building.

Firebrats are grayish with dark spots. They like warm areas such as furnace rooms, heat pipes and radiators.

Silverfish and firebrats are most active at night. They may be seen on floors or walls, among books, food or clothing or trapped in sinks or bathtubs. They sometimes get into smoke detectors and set them off.

Silverfish Damage from Feeding on Paper.


Their food is usually of plant origin and high in starch and sugar. Their feeding can damage paper, glue of book bindings and wallpaper, cotton, linen and cereal products.


Correct any moisture problems. Clean thoroughly all areas where the pests may be hiding. Pay particular attention to areas which are not used very often, such as under furniture, in closets and storage areas.


The occasional silverfish or firebrat does not warrant any control measures beyond those mentioned above for prevention. In heavy infestations, the application of insecticides or the use of sticky traps will provide effective control. When these pests are a problem, call us. We can advise you on appropriate controls for your situation and perform the control work for you.

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