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Pharoah Ants

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Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants are very, very small yellowish ants that can be a major nuisance inside a building.

There are usually several Pharaoh ants' nests in an infested building and each nest usually contains several thousand individuals. The nests each have several egg-laying queens so their reproduction rate is very high.

Only about 5% of the workers from each nest search for food. Killing those workers disrupts the colony and causes it to split into multiple new colonies. The end result: a worse problem than before the workers were killed. It is extremely important, therefore, that nothing be sprayed to kill the ants you see!


Control of Pharaoh ants must be achieved using a slow-acting poisoned bait. The worker ants carry the bait to their nests and feed it to the queens and developing young. In this way the colonies are gradually killed.

We need your help to eliminate the Pharaoh ants.

  •     Do not kill them. Allow them to carry the baits we are using home with them.
  •     Keep your home spotlessly clean. Don't give the ants any spilled food to eat. Make them eat our baits.
  •     Report all ants you see. We need to know where the ants are feeding so we can put baits in those areas.

Pharaoh ant control is difficult and slow. With your help, however, we will eliminate them.

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