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Whatever the size, flies can be serious problems.

Flies are frequent indoor pest problems. They contaminate food, transmit diseases and generally annoy people. Many health experts consider filth-breeding flies like the common house fly to be a major health threat.

There are many different kinds of flies that can become problems indoors. Identifying the pest fly is the first step towards solving a fly problem. Some small flies breed indoors. Other, larger flies may be breeding outdoors and following odour and heat "trails" into buildings. Once the pest fly has been identified, conditions contributing to the problem can be identified and corrected. Flytraps can often be used to help control existing problems.

Conditions that sometimes contribute to fly problems include the type and position of lighting, location of garbage handling equipment, sanitation procedures and their effectiveness, the types screens, caulking and other physical barriers and the type of surrounding habitat.

Common Flies


  • Blow Flies typically breed in animal carcasses but also in garbage
  • Cluster Flies breed outdoors, overwinter indoors
  • Fruit Flies breed in fruits, vegetables and decaying organic matter
  • Fungus Gnats breed in soil and damp locations
  • House Flies breed in garbage, manure, decaying organic matter
  • Moth Flies typically breed in drains
  • Phorid Flies breed in drains, garbage, rotting organic matter


Several types of flytraps are available to trap flies. Some attract flies to a food bait. Others use special lights to attract flies to an electrocution grid or sticky boards. Traps are not a replacement for good sanitation procedures and good fly-proofing but can be very useful in eliminating those flies that accidentally enter buildings. Flytraps are especially useful in monitoring for the presence of pest flies so that other control measures can be implemented when required.

The Pest Management Professional at Professional Ecological Services Ltd. can design a fly prevention and management program that is right for you. The program will be aimed at preventing fly problems through proper sanitation, physical barriers and the use of flytraps. If flies are already a problem, contact us. We can identify the flies and make the appropriate recommendations.

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