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Ants in Victoria

There are many kinds of problem pests in Victoria ants being one of biggest frustration amongst home owners and businesses. Listed below are a few different kinds of ants that you may be seeing near you!

Carpenter Ants: They are the largest ants in Victoria. They vary in size and colour. One species is all black while the other has a red middle and black head and abdomen. They are frequent pests inside homes. They will nest inside wood and can cause serious damage to wood in buildings. These ants are very difficult to control. Control work should be performed only by pest control professionals.

Moisture Ants: AKA the Cornfield Ant or Lasius ants. They are not normally seen indoors except when the winged golden females and black males swarm inside some homes in late summer. Moisture ants live in damp wood and the presence of these ants is often a symptom of a wood-rot problem. Effective control requires finding and treating the colony, and eliminating the wood-rot problem. Spraying the winged ants may provide temporary relief during the swarming season but will not kill the colony.

Odorous House Ants: Are small and black. They frequently nest inside homes in Victoria. Many people call these ants ‘Sugar Ants’ because they often eat sweets they find in the kitchen. When squashed, they give off a noticeable sweet odour. Sometimes these ants can be controlled with poisoned baits. They can often be very difficult to control.

Outside Ants: There can be of many types of outside ants. Their size and colour varies. Normally they are not a problem inside houses although they may invade kitchens in their search for food. Control methods can usually be limited to removing indoor food sources and sealing ant entry points.

Pharaoh Ants: Are very, very small yellowish ants that can be a major nuisance inside a house. Fortunately, they are very rare in Victoria. When they do occur, there are usually several nests each with several egg-laying queens. They are extremely difficult to control and the services of a professional pest control service are usually needed. Poisoned baits are the preferred method of controlling this type of ant. Sprays will actually cause the colonies to spread and the problem to get worse.

Thatching Ants: AKA Field Ants are large and have a red head and middle, and a black tail-end. They commonly nest in rocky areas, tree stumps and in large mounds in fields. Sometimes they will nest inside houses. They do not do any damage but their presence can be annoying and they do bite. This ant is a valuable predator so should be controlled only when they are nesting indoors or frequently-used areas outside.


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