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Animals & Birds


Birds Pigeons, Starlings, Gulls and English Sparrows can become serious pests. These birds cause problems when they nest, rest or flock together in large numbers on, in or near houses. Their droppings are corrosive to …
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Gray Squirrel

Gray Squirrel There are many types of squirrels but it is the gray squirrel that gets into buildings in the Victoria area. Gray squirrels can be either gray or black. They are most active during …
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Racoons Raccoons will quite happily live in the attics and crawl spaces of structures. They sometimes cause a great deal of damage when they enlarge openings to get into buildings and pull down and trample …
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Bats When bats live in the walls or attics of buildings, their noises, odour and parasites create problems for people. Bats, however, are beneficial mammals that feed on night-flying insects such as moths, mosquitoes and …
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