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Gray Squirrel

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Gray Squirrel

There are many types of squirrels but it is the gray squirrel that gets into buildings in the Victoria area.

Gray squirrels can be either gray or black. They are most active during the daytime. They store food and will remain inactive in their nests during periods of severe weather but they do not hibernate and, for the most part, are active all year. They usually have from 4 to 6 young in a litter in the early spring and a second litter in midsummer. The young are weaned at 8 to 9 weeks.

Gray squirrels often first enter homes through existing holes while looking for suitable nesting sites. If they decide to nest in a home, they will enlarge their entrance hole to suit them and sometimes even chew new holes into buildings.

Once inside the building, they can be very noisy and annoying. Even worse, their gnawing can cause very serious damage to roofs, structural supports and wires.


New laws prevent you from live-trapping and relocating gray squirrels. The government does not want this non-native pest to spread to new areas
One Way Animal Door. One-Way Door. It allows the squirrel to leave but not to return.

The best way to deal with a squirrel problem inside structures is to install one-way trap doors over their entrances so the squirrels can leave but not re-enter. It is important to do this when there are no young in the nest. Blocking a mother squirrel from her young means that the young will die and odour and fly problems could occur. This method can only be used from late September through to early March.

When you are sure that all of the squirrels are out of the building, seal their entrance holes. Tree branches that touch the roof should be trimmed away and utility lines that enter near the roof may have to be fitted with a plastic pipe sleeve or other squirrel guard.

It may be necessary to live-trap the squirrel and restrain it until their entrance holes are sealed.

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