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Selected Equipment and Materials

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Selected Equipment and Materials


1. Compressed Air Sprayer

  •  This is the basic piece of equipment for applying liquid sprays. The tank is made of stainless steel, the hose is pesticide resistant and the fittings are made of brass. The spray can be applied as a solid stream or a broad fan.


2. Duster

  •  This is a duster which is used to apply dry dusts and powders. When the cylinder is squeezed, dust is ejected from the nozzle. Dusts are applied into cracks and crevices for long lasting control.
  • Applying dust into a crack. Proper techniques must be used to make sure a fine layer of dust is deposited.


3. Bait Applicator

  •  This device uses a "gun" to apply baits, contained in the cylinder, for the control of ants, cockroaches and other pests. Bait is applied into cracks and crevices where it does not come into contact with people or pets. People do not have to leave the premises when this application method is used.


4. Sticky Trap Monitor

  • A non-drying glue inside this folding "tent" is used to trap silverfish, cockroaches, insects, spiders and other pests. No pesticides are used. It is an excellent tool for monitoring pests so we know what is present and where their numbers are greatest. It can provide control when only low numbers are present.


5. Aerosol Applicator

  •  This is an Actisol machine. It produces a pressurized flow of air into which a pesticide is added. The device is used to apply pesticide into cracks and crevices, or into drilled holes, where it spreads due to the action of the pressurized air. Wall cavities and other hidden spots can now be treated without opening walls or other areas.


6. Protective Equipment

  • We wear personal protective equipment such as coveralls, gloves, hardhats, safety goggles and a respirator when applying pesticides.

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